May 2017

A 360 View of Performance Excellence - Holladay Properties

The BOMA 360-designated Westside Medical Arts Center managed by Holladay Properties in Plantation, Florida, houses more than half a dozen medical tenants. Since achieving the 360 designation this medical office building has reaped significant operational savings—energy bills are down more than 15 percent and occupancy is currently at 100 percent. Tenant satisfaction scores are well above the Kingsley Index at 4.78 out of 5. The property team prides itself on its commitment to excellence and views the 360 program as a demonstration of their commitment to customer service, safety and sustainability. Read more about the Westside Medical Arts Center by visiting

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Memorial Children's Hospital tour recap

Some additional stats on the services offered here in our South Bend community: 4,145 Babies Delivered, 201,930 Pediatric Visits each year, 164,736 Diapers used, 855 Critically III or Injured kids transfered to Memorial Children's, 3,194 Visits to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic, 28 Hospitals in a 15-County area send Kids to Memorial Children's, 31,502 Unqiue Pediatric patients treated from St. Joseph County, 25, 542 Unique Pediatric patients treated from Elkhart County, and 488 babies cared for in the NICUs. visit for more information. source: 2015 Beacon, A Year in the Life program reference.

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The Building owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a federation of 93 local associations within the United Staes and fifteen internaltionally affiliated organizations. For more information and a membership application, please contact us today!

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