February 2017

M.A.A.C. presenting at the BOMA Michiana Feb. event held at First Response in South Bend, IN.

Snow/Ice educational event highlights

The event featured: Industry trends, Best practices, AccuWeather and other technology shaping the industry, Sustainability, Indiana Senate Bill No. 131, and SIMA.org (Snow & Ice Management Association)

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2017 BOMA International Medical Office Buildings + Healthcare Real Estate Conference

Boma.org: May 10-12, 2017 Denver, CO To capitalize on emerging market opportunities in healthcare real estate, it’s imperative to have the latest industry information to make the best decisions for your business. Acquire the essential insight to take action by attending the industry’s largest, most respected conference. Gain access to the experts, information and important connections you need to achieve your most ambitious goals. Nearly 400 companies, firms, and health systems were represented at the 2016 BOMA Medical Office Buildings & Healthcare Real Estate Conference

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BOMA's Economic Impact Study

boma.org: The commercial real estate industry is a significant contributor to the nation’s economic engine.​ BOMA produces a bi-annual report on just how important the industry is to our national, state and local economies.

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